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Medical Equipment On Call Service

Our team of service personnel consist of highly trained Electro-medical Engineer and Technician are qualified to service and maintain all kind of Electro-medical Equipment’s. We have available spare parts for Medical Equipment’s and real time service any kinds of medical equipment. Equipment servicing carried out at our premises by appointment. After completed repair your machine then engineer fully maintenance your machine. We repair & Service Hospital door to door.


Yearly Maintenance

We do yearly maintenance all kinds of medical equipment of your hospital. Medical Equipment Services is an independent service company that specializes in the repair, calibration and preventative maintenance of patient care related electrical equipment. We provide on-site service and support nationwide. Our field engineers are manufacturer trained and have extensive field experience in servicing and supporting various types of medical equipment. Medical Equipment Services ensures the highest quality of service and is your physical medicine equipment repair and calibration specialist.


Free Medical Machine Service

We free service your medical machine at our office. your team of service personnel consist of highly trained biomedical engineers & technicians, are qualified to service & maintain a wide range of electro-medical equipment: We carry a comprehensive range of spare parts for a broad range of equipment, ensuring rapid repair of faulty equipment with minimal equipment down time Loan equipment available (conditions apply) In service education & maintenance of your equipment Equipment servicing carried out at our premises by appointment On road service & repairs Equipment Testing & Reports for quality certification, audit & insurance purposes


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